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Adaptabily: the ability to change (or be changed) to fit changed circumstances.

Adaptability - Deborah A. Murphy, Inc. (ADAMI) began as a concept back in 1994 by Deborah Murphy who, while producing residential projects for her Interior Design studies, had to design accessible housing. Years later, this concept finally became a reality when the website was launched and marketing began in 2008 for this worthy cause.

Deborah realized early on that aging-in-place would enable independence for seniors and the mobility challenged by making changes to their living environment utilizing Universal Design. This process is so named because it is the best design for all people despite any mobility limitations; hence our Mission Statement ending: "independence for everyone."

As an accomplished Project Manager, Deborah uses good communication and organizational skills to handle multiple jobs with ease. ADAMI has access to successful consultants and general contractors to enable one-stop shopping.

In summary, Adaptability has the expertise to modify your existing home and to provide project management. Take the stress out of your hands regarding renovation and put it in ours because "we adapt to your needs".
Mission Statement - independence for everyone